Are you ready? It's time to create your first HTML page.

Just use either notepad, or your HTML editor, or the editor that your webhosting service provides.

You start with the basic tags:

<title>The Title Of Your Page Goes Here</title>

Now, you can configure your body tag. Inside the tag, you should choose your background image or your background color, your text color, link color, active link color, and visited link color you want on your first HTML page. Your tag will look like this:

<body background="yourimage.gif" text="blue" link="red" alink="green" vlink="yellow">

If you are using a background color, instead of an image, it may look like this:

<body bgcolor="white" text="blue" link="red" alink="green" vlink="yellow">

If you are going to use a special type of font, you should choose that next, and put the font tag under your body tag. You can find more on using fonts in the section entitled Using HTML Fonts

<font face="lucida blackletter">

With that done, you should add the text and graphics that you want. This is a practice page, so you can just say something about yourself, or your company, etc. You can refer to Other Basic Tags for help with manipulating the text.

After adding your text and graphics...remember the your first HTML page must be ended:

</font> (used if you used the <font> tag after the body tag.

Now, check over your first HTML page. Did you close all the tags that require a closing tag, such as center, font, body, html, bold, italics, underline, etc?

Once you think it is all correct, you should view your first HTML page...see how it looks in the browser of your choice. To do this, save your page as a text document. Make sure that your page, and all of the files named in your page are in the same file...such as graphics etc. You can dump it all into one folder on your desktop.

Then, upload the page to your site using FTP . You may also use your webhosts upload utility. Remember to also upload any graphics that you used! Then, type in your URL, and see how it looks!

If you are using an HTML editor , you should be able to view your pages without uploading them, using the viewer that comes with the your editor's instructions for more information on this.

You have now created your first HTML page. If there appear to be errors when viewing the page in a web browser...go back to your HTML editor, look for the problem, and fix it! One of the great things is that even after you have published your page....uploaded it to the is not written in stone, you can always change it!