This is HTML for beginners. Let's begin by un-abbreviating HTML.

HTML stands for "Hypertext Markup Language". It is used to structure and format documents for presentation on the web. HTML enhances ASCII files with markup tags that permit the display of a variety of fonts, images, and highlighting options. It also designates structural elements such as headers, lists, and paragraphs, and provides hypertext links to other documents on the Internet.

In plain English, for those of us who are not programming wizards, it is the language your web browser understands, so that it can display what the author of the page wanted you to see....and you can do some really neat stuff with it.

The basics of HTML are fairly simple to learn. Just by knowing the basic tags, you can design an entire website. A "tag" is a coded command used to indicate how part of a web page should be displayed. The "code" is goes round and round.

You will no doubt hear people using lots of big words when they are talking about HTML and designing websites...don't be intimidated. You will know those same big words, what they mean, and how to use them within two weeks time, if you are serious about learning HTML...sooner if you are really serious about it!
You've completed HTML for beginners"


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