Learn to design web pages here - follow the HTML Tutorial and learn HTML! I have been designing sites for pleasure and business for about 8 years now and want to pass on my skills to you.
If you want to know the basics and learn HTML and how to design great websites, then you've come to the right place.Follow this HTML Tutorial and show the world what you can do!

Highly skilled (and often highly paid) web designers, get a lot of respect from the other designers who are influenced or inspired by the talent and knowledge of HTML.

Designing and coding are two very different aspects of creating a webpage. You may have a page that is extremely functional and is coded very well, but looks bland or amateurish - and vice versa - you might have a great looking page where the HTML code doesn't work correctly.

The HTML tutorial is aimed at beginners to HTML and should teach you the basic tags, all the way up to creating a full scale site.

Being a website designer means using the tools you have and your knowledge of HTML to:

And with this HTML Tutorial, you will be able to do all of these things using just HTML code.

Professional website designers will tell you that you need them to create a website for you. In reality, you will probably end up paying for something you could learn yourself! Why not save yourself money and learn HTML? This way you can create as many sites as you want for free - just by learning HTML once.

Creating websites is easy - there are just a few simple tags and codes to learn and you can be creating websites in a flash:

I have been learning HTML and reading tutorials on HTML since the day I got the Internet. I started by creating a website about me and I was just a beginner. I had a few ideas what I wanted to design in my web page and in just a short time, I had my lovely animated flame background and my lime green links.... Eurrgggh! 

Since then, I have been learning more about the way HTML pages should look and you won't catch me using animated backgrounds any more! I've also learnt advanced scripting techniques such as ASP and PHP and generally improving my style of coding and design skills.

I have designed websites for friends and family as well as some businesses in a complete range of industries. I've never done any official training and learnt everything myself - just as you are going to do with this HTML tutorial.

Learning HTML together isn't hard. The HTML Tutorial on this site will show you how!

HTML Tutorial Site Map
Site Map for the-html-tutorial.com

Introduction to HTML
Introductory guide to the HTML Tutorial and creating web sites

Storing your HTML files
Tutorial about webspace and getting your site live on the Internet

HTML Editors
Discussion and Links on HTML Editors

HTML tags
Discussion of the tags that create a web page

The Body tag
Discussion of the tag that encapsulates all your HTML code

Using fonts
Learn how to alter the appearance of your page by changing the color, style and size of your text

Using Hyperlinks
This part of the HTML Tutorial will teach you how to link to other pages

Other HTML tags
A collection of other HTML tags for use on your pages

Using Graphics in your pages
Make your pages come alive by using Images

Creating Tables for displaying data
Organize your page and display data by using tables

Creating your first HTML Page
You have learnt all the skills necessary to create your first HTML page

Accepting Payment from your website
If you want to create a business website, the Tutorial will teach you how to accept payment

Using Javascript
The most basic scripting language that can be placed within HTML pages

Learn what a Secure Server is and why you need one

Using Forms
If you want to collect any data from your users, you need forms

Using Framesets
Learn how to use frames to layout your website

Advanced HTML and other Languages
If you've mastered HTML you're not finished - why not learn ASP or PHP?

Maintaining your website
If your website is completed then it's not finished!

Making your site a success
You have got a great looking site, it's all finished - make it a success

Using Meta Tags
Meta tags helps Search engines to index your pages

Promoting your site
A great site is nothing without visitors

Using FTP
Uploading and organizing your pages on your website

Further Reading
Books and websites related to HTML

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